how it works


Would you like to rent an UsedomRad bike? There are information about registration, rental and return.

1. Register

- open Website or MV-Rad App (credit card required)

2. Rent a bike (choice App)

- open App MV-Rad
- scan the QR code on the bike
- number code is displayed and the frame lock opens automatically

3. Rent a bike (choice Voicerecorder)

- Hotline: call 030/55576911, activate smartphone loudspeaker, numeric keypad is displayed, voice robot in process, follow the instructions
- German: button1 / English: button2
- call your full name
- enter the number of the bike
- the frame lock code is called and you will receive an SMS
- open the lock with the number code

3. Park a bike (choice App)

- park a bike / stopover mode

3. Park a bike (choice Voicerecorder)

- lock up the frame lock and open after stopover

4. Return a bike (choice App)

- lock up the frame lock and update App

4. Return a bike (choice Voicerecorder)

- push the bike into a free dock and connect
- log off in the voice robot and name the number of location and number of the bike

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